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Sutharya processes well equipped Pathology department with state of the art technology machineries like 5 part cell counter. Hundreds of samples are processed each day under the supervision of well qualified and experienced Pathologists and other medical professionals.


bio chemistry


Biochemistry is one of the outstanding departments of Sutharya where advanced technology assisted diagnosis is performed. Siemens Dimension RXL, Biosystem BTS, Abalyte-6 Analyzer, Mispa Nephelometry are some of the machineries that offer quality reports to the patients.


Clinical microbiology is a discipline that incorporates testing for a diverse group of microorganisms. Our microbiology department is committed to assist physicians by isolating and identifying pathogenic organisms like bacteria and fungus from suspected specimens and study the antibiotic pattern so that they will be able to prescribe the proper medication to their patients

The wide variety of pathogens and testing methods that are available makes microbiological testing challenging, though the quality control system that we possess helps us provide quality results




Serology tests have been used historically to confirm infections with bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are difficult to detect by other methods. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and Chemiluminescence immune assay (CLIA) are some of the advanced methods that Department of Serology follows for providing the quality results to the patients.

HbA1C, the measure of three month’s average glucose level using advanced High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) Technique that Sutharya possess help patient to know the diabetic status and the chance of prediabetics. Apart from this, many Cancer, Thyroid, Cardiac markers and prenatal screening, ToRCH etc are also making this department importance to the diagnosis stream


The Division of Endocrinology and Immunology is home to a world-class team of professionals dedicated to serve patients with state of the art technology machineries like Siemens Advia centaur XP, Siemens Advia centaur CP, etc… We offer the most comprehensive expertise in diagnosing a broad range of complex endocrine conditions, including diabetes, thyroid disease and pituitary dysfunction.




Our radiology is equipped with Epsilon High Frequency X-ray, Epsilon Digital OPG, Agfa CR10X Imaging and BPL 12 Channel ECG. Our expert radiologists work with highly trained technologists and staff to provide personalized imaging for our patients. We are committed to quality service and patient safety.