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We straightly unmask our facet as an establishment engaged with healthcare & diagnostic activities. By titling as “Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostics”, we’re going to expose a quality arena of service oriented proceedings on extending the diagnostic and pathological clarifications to go through the inroads of medical improvements and to solve the customer requirements. As you know, in allopathic treatments there is no entity without getting the support of healthcare & diagnostic centers. Here we perform to uplift the values in the medicinal science where humanity considerably conserves without denying the patient interests. “Sutharya” follows certain ethically motivated strategy and we‘re keen to deliver un paralleled service. We believe it’s our duty to be a part of an establishment committed to the wellness of the patients in our society. We, the management of Sutharya well studied and observed the advance technological leap all over the world specified with healthcare & diagnostics. Sutharya is keen to implement the level best equipments and autoclaves which have the proven capacity in their respected area where healthcare and diagnostics blooms in an excellent manner. Basically Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostics uplifts the relevance of a quality apart center where the patients can rely upon the unmatched service in every aspect. Now days in Kerala, there is a tendency of establishing a large number of medical labs like mushrooming on earth. But, how many are genuine and with the authenticity? Sutharya ensures 100% authenticity, and we have the responsibility to preserve the medical ethics. Our main concern goes to extend the customer satisfaction, we most value our customers.

Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostics stands for high quality healthcare delivery, and we have the sturdy support of a group of efficient medical practitioners. We’re enough confident to meet with the satisfaction of each and every patient. Sutharya is sufficiently equipped with everything especially meant for the fulfillment of the typical interests of the patient. We never encourage un necessary laboratory tests. As an area absolutely meant for healthcare and diagnostics, Sutharya has the compulsion to shield all un ethical practices.

We have something to say, the unique features of Sutharya takes the very prominence of par excellence. See our tactics shaped to target the expectations where patients deserve the best to experience. We ‘sure, once you visited Suthayra you’ll be addicted to our service orientation. Only Sutharya makes you feel something truly different.


Some reasons why you choose, Sutharya.. We offer

  • tickUnique Health Check up Packages
  • tickHome Visit for Blood Collection
  • tickDownload Test Results Online
  • tickPremium Facilities & Infrastructure
  • tickLarge Laboratory with Experienced Specialists
  • tickFree Wifi Zone in Front Desk
  • tickQuick, Accurate, Precise & Infallible Test Results

Chairman’s Message:

I believe, this is the proper time to express my emotional feel of love and affection to everyone who knows the importance of enjoying a healthy life in every aspect. I am really in a mood of rejoice to reveal the inevitable information especially meant for the patients of various kind. Have you ever thought the reason why an individual, whether male or female being forced to meet with unhealthy problems? Or he or she why became a patient? The answer is simple, the human body is very sensitive and at anytime, there’ll be the chance for an attack in the form of diseases, and when our immune system fails the body surrenders to ailments. I am in a special moment to say something about the Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostic Center; it has everything that you would prefer from a medical lab. Perhaps, now in Kerala a large number of diagnostic centers are involving medical services and only a few are genuine and authentic. Here is the matter getting relevance while an aspirant evaluates Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostics. Our medical lab is equipped with most modern facilities. All our staff and nursing personals are capable with the expertise in their respected serving arena and obviously qualified and trained.

As an arena shaped to serve the individuals specified as a healthcare & diagnostic center, I take this opportunity to emphasize the team spirit and dedication of our staff and nursing personals. Un doubted Sutharya Healthcare & Diagnostic is a complete solution, and we ensure the best service in every aspect. We have all the sufficient departments especially meant for the special interest of the patients. Our specialization includes the Dept. Haematology, Dept.Biochemistry, Dept. Microbiology, Dept. Endocrinology, Dept. Serology, Dept. Radiology (Digital X-Ray, Scan, OPG), Dept. Pathology. We are committed to follow accurate diagnostic services with best clinical quality. Our backup strength have enriched with the equipments of internationally accepted brands. We remain systematic always and each person deserves our highest possible standards of care from our part. We have no compromise on quality healthcare and as a medical lab; this is an unparalleled sector of warmth service. Feel the difference. We humbly look forward with an expectation of support and co-operation. Thanks.